Our Vision

greensource Cincinnati is a resource center for the green building community. With over 50 technology partners displaying green products “in action”, greensource Cincinnati is completely unique and stands poised to achieve our Vision, which is:

“To inspire the Midwest building community with energy efficient, sustainable technologies.”

In keeping with this Vision, we represent several companies who are also dedicated to energy efficient sustainable technologies, specifically in the mission critical environment. To learn more about these technologies- visit our “products page”.

Our Story

With all the buzz about “green” technology, where can you turn for unbiased advice? How do you know what options are viable and sustainable for your commercial or residential project? Because of this lack of clarity in the marketplace, in 2008 company president Ez Housh had the idea to purchase an old building in downtown Cincinnati, renovate it to LEED Gold standards for energy-efficiency, and give people a place where they could go to see “green” technology in action. Thus greensource Cincinnati was born.

What began as an idea to use the first floor of the building as a “showroom” quickly blossomed into a robust technology showcase on all 4 floors! Manufacturers and technology partners heard about the concept and the most viable renewable technologies were hand-selected for space in the building. Monroe Mechanical has created a truly-unique visitor experience that highlights the latest in both commercial and residential “green” applications ranging from recycled wood floors to a live roof system and everything in between.

greensource Cincinnati is available to architects, engineers, building owners, property managers, data center managers, area organizations and our technology partners for planned tours and events.  If you are interested in visiting greensource Cincinnati and you want to learn how to apply the latest in environmentally-friendly technology in your building, please visit our Contact page to schedule an appointment for a personal tour.

Solution Partners

At greensource Cincinnati we are pleased to showcase energy-efficient, sustainable technologies from over 50 partner companies! Each of the partners has contributed “green” technology and resources to this important project.


Where we began…

Monroe Mechanical has always been on the forefront of applying the most energy-efficient mechanical systems since the business was founded in 1954. As early as the 1950’s, Monroe Mechanical was installing radiant heating systems. In the 1960’s, it was wood-fired furnaces. Monroe Mechanical was installing solar systems in the 1970’s. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, Monroe was a pioneer in the application of geothermal technology in residential and commercial buildings.

Over the past 55 years, Monroe Mechanical has had three generations of Housh family leadership. This leadership has never been afraid to apply the latest in “green” technology and it has given the company an identity and specialization in an industry (HVAC) that is traditionally fragmented with a “me-too” mentality.